22 Creative Ways to Reuse Flawn Seed Kits Containers

22 Creative Ways to Reuse Flawn Seed Kits Containers

All done spreading your Flawn Seed Kit? Wait! Yes, our containers can be recycled but before you send them to the curb, put them to good use around your home or just have some fun with them. Here are 24 creative and fun uses for our containers after you’ve spread your Flawn Seed Kit.

Wrap with parchment paper and use as a rolling pin

Cut out construction paper with stencils and wrap around the straight walled jars to make a decorative flower vase.

Use the lid as a cookie cutter

Use the lid to make perfect circles as a stencil

Toss the lid to a friend as a frisbee

All of the plastic containers make great indoor or outdoor watering cans, you can even use them to brew compost tea.

Put some ice in the bottom and use as a bottle cooler

Put some sand in the bottom and use as a pencil and/or pen holder

Put a couple rocks on the bottom and use to store kitchen utensils

Create a decorative table centerpiece with sand and flower cuttings

Collect spare change by using them as a piggy bank

Simply use them as a scoop for anything from dog food to sand or sidewalk salt

Make and store your own chemical free laundry detergent

Store and shake out dog treats

Vase: Wrap with burlap or macrame

Garage storage of nuts and screws

Make a classic cup and ball game by tying a string around neck and putting it through a small rubber ball.

Play the spin the bottle game

Store plastic grocery bags for later use or return them to the store to be recycled

Make a music shaker by adding rice, beans, or a combination of other items

Tap it on the side, top, and bottom to make different sounds

Use it as a target for a bouncy ball game 

Have a brilliant idea for another creative use of our containers? Send us an email at info@floweringlawn.com

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