There's no need to remove your grass!

You Can Seed in Winter!

For cold winters, you can dormant spread and the seeds will be worked into the soil by the snow through winter then start to grow in the spring as soils warm up.

For areas that have mild winters, seeds can be sown anytime. Depending on how cold the soil is will determine if the seeds germinate soon after seeding or will wait until spring to sprout.

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What does a Flawn look like?

Flowering lawns can look different depending on how often and at what height they are mowed as well as what varieties you decide to add. Growing conditions such as light, moisture, and soil conditions also play a role.

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  • Site Prep

    "I lowered the mower to the shortest setting and mowed over everything twice, then raked to remove any thatch layer so the soil is exposed."

  • Ready to Seed!

    "My grass clippings and thatch have been raked off to the side so I can see the soil. I put the clippings on after seeding to act as a mulch."

  • Seeded, Watering!

    "Definitely easy to spread seeds using the convenient shaker. Watering daily for the first few weeks is most important."

  • Seeds are Sprouting!

    "I see the first signs of life just four days after seeding!"

  • Beautiful Clover!

    "Three weeks after seeding and with regular watering the clover is growing very well."

  • Clover, Creeping Thyme & Self-Heal

    "All three varieties in the Flawn Seed Kit Bee Lawn Mix are filling in well after ten weeks."

  • Thick Clover!

    "All grown up in under three months, the clover supplies my lawn with nitrogen so I don't have to fertilize anymore!"

  • Creeping Thyme Blooming in 12 Weeks!

    "By mid-summer my Flawn was buzzing with happy bees!"

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