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Crimson Clover + Low Mow Grass Seed Pouch

Crimson Clover + Low Mow Grass Seed Pouch

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Over-seed a thin lawn or seed over bare soil to create crimson clover and low mow grass lawn; use included scoop to seed 10 sq ft at a time.

Crimson Clover grows in full sun to shade in sandy to loam to clay soils. Crimson Clover has broad leaves which make your lawn drought tolerant by shading the ground and keeping it cool and moist, preventing your grass from dying in mid-summer heat waves. It also crowds out weed seedlings. If planted in zones 3-5 it will be an annual or biannual depending on climate. Perennial in zones 6-9. If you would prefer a smaller leaved plant with fewer flowers that still provides the nitrogen-fixing benefits of clover, check out Micro-Clover.

Our Low Mow grass seed mix is a blend of fine fescues which have better shade tolerance than bluegrass and require much less fertilizer and mowing. We recommend mowing regularly for the first season after planting to allow all varieties to mature. It is recommend to mow at your highest setting a few times each year to allow light and air to the soil surface to prevent rot and decay as well as one variety from overtaking the others.

  • How To Start Your Flowering Lawn Journey -- Over-seed a thin lawn or seed over bare soil to create a blend of clover and grass; use included scoop to seed 10 sq ft at a time.
  • Better For Your Family & The Environment -- Our specialty flowering lawn seed is kid and pet friendly. It attracts beneficial pollinators while reducing your property's carbon footprint!
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs -- Once your flowering lawn is established, it won't require watering, except in periods of extended drought.
  • What To Expect When Using Flawn Seed -- With regular watering, Crimson Clover and Fine Fescue grass seeds will germinate in 1-2 weeks, and plants will be small for the first couple of months. After the first growing season, it will bloom bright red cone flowers about 6-10” from spring into fall, creating a vital nectar and pollen source for our friendly pollinators. Watering regularly after seeding and through dry periods is critical for success.
Seeding Information:

Crimson Clover and Fine Fescues are easy to establish and can be seeded in spring, summer, or fall, or dormant seeded in late fall when the ground is frozen or over fresh snow on a calm day in winter. If seeding in spring, wait until ground thaws and soil temperatures are around 55 degrees (Late April to early May for upper mid-west states). Avoid seeding before hot and dry periods, and make sure to prevent soil from completely drying out during the germination period.

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